Well, this internet video of two kids from Australia has become quite popular since going viral.




It features two kids at a school, one who is a provoker, and one who apparently has been bullied quite frequently. In the video, he seems like a perfect target for being bullied : he has no allies around him, he is ginger, and he is over weight.


Youtube continues to delete these videos, but "Casey" has now achieved a whole bunch of internet support.



(This is one the best videos I can find, but I DO NOT think it's funny in the slightest.)



So, why am I posting this blog? Because I was bullied when I was younger. I was never really physically bullied, but I was ganged up on, people ripped up my texts books and sometimes I was pushed. I was called 'idiot' a lot by a bunch of guys on my bus. One time, these guys put a can of pop under my seat and when I had sat down, my foot accidently kicked the can over. The boys were like "OHHHHHHHH, you're so stupid! You're an idiot! You're such an idiot!" I teared up and lost it in the same way Casey probably did. I grabbed the turned over pop can, and dumped the rest all over the bully's face.



I don't think violence justifies violence. But I think Casey had to have been really pushed for him to resort to what he did. And I know how that feels. No amount of what anyone on the internet claims to Casey's behaviour can comprehend how lonely and isolated you feel when everyone is out to get you. No one can understand the anger and hurt. And in most cases, the teacher's intervention does very little.The people befriend each other, and even feel alone is a sort of bullying in a way. No one deserves to be alone if they've done nothing wrong.



Some people online have REALLY went out of their way to get back at the bullier. Someone even found out his real name and has posted it online. I find that to be very wrong. He is just a kid, and something obviously was wrong in his own life or he desperately wanted the approval of his friends in order to resort to what he did. Was it terribly wrong? Yes. Very. And all bullies need a message sent out that this could happen.



I don't think the video is funny, but I think it brings a sense of victory to all of us who were bullied and unable to defend ourselves. Again, violence doesn't ever justify violence, but I can't help but see this kid as a sort of beacon of hope for thousands of people who've been bullied.




I hope both kids get the support and help they can manage. And I hope that the kids who supported this and did nothing also receive it.







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