I feel the need to rant on this. She is the type of person if she doesnt understand something..she gets mad at this something that she does not understand. She since i was 15 she has fussed at me for my behavior. She doesnt like weird.and i think she thinks me weird. When shes folding clothes and things,i dont like her to touch my underwear.Even i have to touch it by its bands.nowhere else. the towel im going to use to dry off with from the shower better not touch the ground..so i find a clean place to place it. She freely gives her opinion on EVERYTHING..all the time..theres a time and place to say stuff..not when it pops in your head. When i was 15 she told me if i wanted to act like a adult then she would treat me like one and kick me out..she was mad cause i told dad alot of stuff she was doing. Ive never looked at her the same since. I realize parents arnt perfect..but that can scar a kid. She finally gave up on trying to get me to eat"finger foods"with my hands..i eat my pizza with a fork for crying out loud. It hurts though in away. Ive grown appart from her. Ive never been a mamas girl..ive just never liked her ways.she will spice up or make up stories to people..just to make it sound "Better" dad cant stand it eaither. Such lies arnt needed.and it makes us unsure when we meet ppl she works with or the neighbors cause we dont know what she has told them. When i was small and decited i couldnt take my ocd anymore i remember that day so well..i was in the garden room curled up on the couch.dad came in from work and knew id been crying. I tryed my best to explain to him how my mind was working against me. He to has a chemical imbalance but its a more depression type deal. Perhaps this stuff is genetic..but anyways. i thought he would think i was crazy.i told him to not tell mom just tell her i was like him that she wouldnt understand. Also..my mother isnt the most inteligent woman in the world. Its hard to have a conversation about something if it isnt work,her dogs,or  what she wants to do to the house. And it kills me. I believe that a woman should be strong smart beautiful(in her own way) and outgoing..and caring. I read something in my sociology book that said men think logically stealing is wrong/illegal end of story. Women think with there emotions more. Such as stealing is wrong..but she stole baby food. Well in a way i believe this. It also makes us a great team , Men show women when emotions could not be the best in certain situations..and women i think give men confort..just how soft they are..body and soul. ANYWAYS back to mom though..ive always went to dad about anything deep..and he is a great listener. Moms there for me at random times..like when i got my recent ticket..dads there for me all the time though..so i guess comment? There always welcome!

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  1. LISAS23 12 years ago

    Car Girl, hey-your ocd sounds a lot like mine-The towel and underwear thing-I even stand on a clean towel right out of the shower to get dressed. (not saying its "normal" but hey-it is what it is). Eating with utensils is also my thing-I will only eat finger foods if I can wash my hands right before and not touch anything else. It is too bad your mom doesnt understand. Maybe you could provide her with some reading materials about types of OCD or maybe she can see a therapist with you who can explain it to her.  Good Luck and Take Care.



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