i’m in a cage that i can’t get out of it but it does’t have a lock or a door but i still can’t get out ever time i try to walk out i get pulled back in to the cage and i hate it. my monsters are wining i can’t fight them cuz when i try they win anyway so i just give up every time. when i try to fight my monsters i feel nothing and when i give up i feel everything i do not like to feel nothing but i don’t like to give up i want to feel but i don’t want my monsters to win. i’m so messed up

  1. iris-dar 4 months ago

    Hi Avery, This is Iris…. Can you do me a favor, pretty please? Take a deep breath, now hold it in, ok? good. Keep holding it and try to relax, Let the tension go. now let the air out slowly through your nose. Do it all again. Can you feel your toes? Breathe. Do it again. Can you feel your ears? Breathe….. Try to slow down your heart rate, gently.

    If it helps (for me it does, usually) try closing your eyes.

    Feeling any better? When I am feeling trapped or down I have a place I like to go in my mind, It’s a good memory so I can’t forget it….

    Warm kitty hugs, they climb up to my shoulders…. Up in a tree house, warm blanket, food and soda. I’m up high so I can see everything around but no one can see me. 🙂 If I fall asleep it’s ok because no one can get up here since I pulled up the rope……

    Try to think of a place where you have felt safe before. Picture it in your head or maybe you have a photo?

    I will be here tomorrow, try to get some rest ok? ….Without drinking if you can.

    Sending you the warmest hugs, some strong prayers, and my sincere thanks for being here. – Iris

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  2. iris-dar 4 months ago

    Hi Avery this is Iris again… How are you doing today? Want any help with your monsters? ———————–Sending you some hugs, Iris.

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