I don’t even know what to do anymore…. I thought things get better? “Life” is not what I read about or saw in movies, and I was told so many lies and now I see the truth. This thing known as life already feels like I’m in Hell with Devil and everyday he just making me suffer more and more, but God wants the pain to end is continously whispering in my ear telling me to let go and join him in Heaven. People in my day to day life barely care about me, but random people that I have never met before seem to care more than my own birth father and the Devil is making sure he makes every living second a hell for me. God cries as he watches me suffer, and wants the pain to end for me, but I don’t know why I can’t let go…

I need to let go and join him… The devil is winning the longer I am here these random people can’t stop the inevitable and soon I will join my true father and be at rest and safe forever from Hell. There is nothing that will stop me and I shouldn’t even be typing this right now, but rather planning before the Devil strikes again. God wants to help e but can’t… But once I am dead and I have left Hell he will be bale to grab me an shield me from the Devil’s hands an take me away to his Kingdom, where I will be safe forever.


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