1. Some people treat us poorly because it’s a reflection of how they feel inside.
    When people act negatively  they act negatively
    What do you get…
    Toxic people.
    No psychologist or therapist will ever tell you that and you just saved yourself $120.00 and learned a life changing lesson.

    Lesson #2
    Don’t take it personal

    It has NOTHING to do with you.
    I don’t care who it is, it’s not about you.

    #3 You can’t change anyone

    #4 elaborating on #3…
    So don’t expect toxic people  to change.
    Change means taking responsibility and accountability for one’s actions, and victims don’t apologize. Why, they are thumbs down people.
    And they don’t want to change!

    #5 They treat you poorly because when you enter a room you make people STEP UP.

    #6 they treat you poorly because you are a threat
    … thats right.

    #7 They throw out a compliment followed by a put down
    They are passive aggressive and know how to use it!
    They don’t have to throw punches, they have mastered the art of bullying, manipulation, passive aggressiveness, power games etc

    #8 “Anything you do and say can and will be held against you.”
    Be careful what you tell people, Don’t give people your own ammunition to shoot you.

    #9 .. More to #8
    Watch for the “Flying Monkeys”
    Which comes from a scene out of a movie with Dorothy and Toto about a witch who was searching for her and sent flying monkeys to find her and report back to the witch.

    There is a flying monkey with most narcissistic- trait families and toxic friendship

    Play the dead rock. Or the dead mouse. A cat will only play with a dead mouse so long.
    So when they try to fuck with you and toy with you look like the most over-medicated, uninterested person you’ve ever met in your life.


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