Hey guys, it’s day 2 of my journey to finding peace with my life. Yesterday I virutally practiced my color gaurd rotines with my freinds and worked on some new lyrics. So far I am doing better I guess there are times where I go from feeling like I’m on top of the world to feeling like i’m alone in the world. Every one used to tell me that all it takes is time. So that is what i satrted telling myself but after about a year I decided i needed to talk with some one about it. So i tried telling my parents what was going on and the just gave me lecuture on how i was being over dramatic, which hurt. I had grown up thinking that my parents would support me no matter what , but once i turned 11 i knew it wasn’t true. I’m not saying that all parents are like this, i am speaking about how my parents reacted when i tried to tell them something was wrong.


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