In my honest opinion I don’t think one philosophy can sum up everything that happens in life, with a reasonable explanation. You can’t say “life sucks and then you die” because some people thoroughly enjoy life all the time. I couldn’t say “cheaters never prosper” or “the good will be rewarded in the end” because that’s not always the case either. You don’t see all the good people in the world on the news, you see the bad people that get the attention and money. I guess I would say my best philosophy of life is “Life isn’t a math problem, there are no exact answers, and no defined lines.” And in this I am meaning everything. I mean think about the laws in the U.S.A. and how there are always exceptions. You would think murder is bad, but some people can call it self-defense and then it becomes ok. Some people can justify violence, war, and terrorism. Life doesn’t have definite reasons and answers. It’s all depending on the situation. Some people believe it is wrong to commit suicide or help someone commit suicide, but others don’t find it as bad. With people being human, mistakes are inevitable, but in my opinion at least it is all in your intentions. If I intended to kill someone that would be bad, but if I accidentally pushed someone down the stairs and they died, it’s ok. If I meant to ruin someone’s paper it’s considered bad, but if I accidentally spilled coffee on the paper, causing it to become ruined, it’s considered ok. Some people forgive easier than others and some people get off easier than others. There are some people who can get away with everything and then there are others who manage to get away with absolutely nothing. Life isn’t fair; it’s a learning process on where to draw the line. There will never be an exact right or wrong answer to anything; it’s all simply a reflection on who you really are.


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