Things have turned around a lot this weekend. Aaron and I aren't fighting anymore; we talked things over when I was calm enough to do it rationally (okay, somewhat rationally, lol) and resolved a lot of misconceptions and discussed some issues too. So I'm glad that's taken care of.

Friday evening my Mom, Zachary and I took Aaron out for Father's Day dinner. We had a nice time and enjoyed ourselves. We decided to do it early because we didn't want to have to deal with all of the mess of people there would be on actual Father's Day. Then we came home, relaxed, and called it a night.

Zach spent the day/night with his grandparents yesterday, so Aaron and I spent the evening with our best friends, just adults. We had a few too many drinks, a lot of laughs and very little sleep. I'm still exhausted really. Need about 8 more hours of it I think, lol. But we had a really good time. I think it was a much needed break from everything that's been happening in our little world. We didn't drive home until 5 o'clock this morning to be on the safe side (not driving drunk). Then we didn't go to bed until 6. My husband got up around 8 and went and got Zachary from his grandparents house, but he let me sleep till 11. Awwww. That was so sweet of him. 🙂

So today we've been dozing on and off and just taking it easy around the house. It's been a quiet day for all of us as Zach also seems to be tired out. I think it's going to be an early to bed night tonight.

Not much else to say except Happy Father's Day to all!

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  1. Andie372 9 years ago

     How nice yall got to go out for Father's Day.  And partying with your friends, that's way cool.  Glad you got to kick back a little.

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