Ive got to speak more to myself. Ive got to go back to well designing. Slow and lazy and sad. Everyone can seriously take a bike and fooking ride it. PAIN.

Anyway. its taken a decent human being to change how i feel. To help me see i worth something. Now i just want pain relief. I want love and a hug,

Calm down. Stop rushing. Stop craving. Stop wanting. Pray. Dear God please let me feel in control of my time. Please let me feel assured. Please don’t make me feel guilty for neglecting things. Let me have synchronised lifestyle with my parents. Let them know when i want to be helped and supported.

Let me work everyday to gee my own creative director of dreams. God do not allow the judgements of others to stain my beliefs. Let me be free of their sins. Let me be strong in my faith and my motivation to give my all to you. Let me have faith in humanity of myself and wisdom to see through the weak. Let me be grateful for my gifts my pleasures and my moments of rest. Let me find simplicity and basic happiness.

Let me appreciate all that you bring to my life. My soul needs you. Don’t let me poison my own life.


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