It snowed today!

I went to the store, then came home 🏡 !

Then, I walked two miles!

Here is a picture of the snow!

Oddly, while at the grocery a woman who seemed friendly pressured me to visit the ——- retail business where she works to shop.  I told her that I don’t tend to shop there.    I have been there a few times to keep someone else company.  It isn’t my cup of tea.  She was so offended and stomped off! She was proud to work in that business.

People can really be something! If she only knew that I know her boss and the truth about him from when I worked for his competition.   He came on while I was working and screamed at me because he was upset with my boss at time.  No, I won’t shop at that business.

My asthma is better today.

I hope that everyone is healthy and content!


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