I feel so exhausted all the time now. Even if Ido close to nothing. I haven’t felt like doing anything.I just want to lay in bed most of the time. I keep asking myself why but I don’t know. I have work I need to do but I can bring myself to start it. I hurt alot too. My back will ache even sometimes when i’m lying down. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I just feel no inclination to do anything. And i’m not really that kind of person. I have even put off school work. And it’s not that it is hard but I just don’t want to do it. My mom is still on my case. I wish she would shut up and leave me alone considering she is a large contribution to my problem. And no matter what she says excercise will not solve any problem I have. It is quite irratating. I hate when parents take it upon themselves to try and fix you it’s not like i’m broken she trys to act like she knows whats wrong and she knows how to fix me and by forcing me to do what she thinks is best she is making it worse. She thinks i’m a spineless sack of depression and low self-esteem. Nothing she can do will change anything so why she is even bothering is beyond me. And she isn’t even nice about it she threatens to take away things like the computer which I have just gotten back. Today has sucked at school I have the last lunch now. So they ran out of the good food and gave us crap. I had to wait 15 minutes to get a tray because they are retarded. And they were shutting everything down so I couldn’t buy anything decent. You would think that since we are over half way into the year they would learn the correct portions to cook so everyone gets food but sadly they are idiots. I know this is a little mean but it really made me mad. So yeah that is the pathetic state of my life.


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