so i just got back from a day of helping a friend paint. also ended up doing some repair work for him. i am very close friends with his son but now i might be even closer friends with him.


i wish i could spend more time with the guy but he works so much that its almost impossible to catch him just to hang out. he recently split from his wife (not his choice) and hes taking it pretty well. despite our age difference him (54) me (27), we get along great. i have an odd taste in music and culture so i easily blend with how he was raised and his generation. he even tries to keep up with me and my generation. although thats abit harder to do.  in fact i grew my hair out just for him. always kept it cut short but one day he asked if would ever grow it out. i told him if he wanted me to i dont see a reason why i wouldnt. so i did. and its been growing out for about 18 months now. not sure where my hair came from. my mom nor my father had this kind of hair and noone in either family line. except maybe 1 or 2 distant relatives. and i have alot of family so thats why its a mystery to be the only person to have it. its extremely curly and wavey. i think thats the one good quality that i cant deny i have. im irish scottish dutch and native american (my moms side) not sure about my fathers side. havent talked to any of them in a very long time. ok that was a long sidetrack….


so anyback back to my friend. we stayed up late watching movies while i fixed his computers and his son comp as well. then the next day i got up and cooked breakfast (i like to cook) and then i cleaned out a few rooms layed down the plastic and taped off the trim…. then painted.


my title says pain and hospital… this is where that ties in. for the last week or so i have had a coming and going pain in my right leg below my calf but above me ankle. that lil bit of space between. not it could be a pulled muscle from all the moving i did last week and this past weekend. (helped my niece and her family move into my house) and then i volunteered for 2 days at my sisters daycare cause one of her teachers were sick ( i use to work there for about 5 years). so im not sure what caused it… also there is another thing it could be… it could be a blood clot. i had one awhile back in this leg after an injury. but it doesnt feel the same. my main problem is i have a very high fear of hospitals. im not sure why. i think it could be because i watched as my adopted and foster brother both died in hospitals and then i spent 3 weeks in a hospital where i was told i might lose my leg (was an over exaggeration by my doctor)(scared me so bad).


so thats where im a. do i give it more time to see if it heals and that it might just be a pulled muscle or do i go get it checked in case of other things. im so poor i cant afford a regular doctors appointment and definately cant afford another ER visit. not to mention my fear of hospitals.


well anyway. this blog was more or less just a random ramble of my day today and a very small summary of the past week. (left out all the bad stuff from last week)


think im gonna go read more and then try to sleep.



"life without a friend is like death without a witness"


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