I don’t understand the mindset of "drugs are bad/unnatural". Our brains are little drug factories, bathing us constantly in mood-altering chemicals just as powerful and potent as anything Lilly could produce. We are constantly altering ourselves with caffeine to perk us up and marijuana to slow us down, tobacco for a pick-me-up, melatonin to put us to rest. I personally love my prescription of Klonopin. It has been my steadfast friend through years of otherwise unbearable anguish and panic.


I worry, as I do about everything, about the addictive properties of benzos, but honestly, I take Klonopin on less than an as-needed basis and I have never felt entrapped by my prescription drug use. What I do feel trapped by, unable to kick off, is the bad flow of drugs from my very own brain, the adrenaline spikes of panic, the miserly trickle of serotonin that my poor OCD brain produces. Klonopin makes me feel like a normal human being for a few hours, and I love it. I am calm, friendly, happy to be alive.


I figure that my OCD is caused by bad chemicals, an abnormal flux of serotonin, so why not bandage it over with good chemicals? I pretty much owe my life to Prozac. I would have definitely killed myself on the road I was on before I was medicated. Things are bad for me now, true, but never as bad as it was when I was first diagnosed. I love Zyprexa, too. It makes me feel blank, somewhat robotic, but it strips away the fear and makes everything smooth and cool as new ice.


I don’t know how appropriate it is to talk about illegals on this site, but marijuana has worked wonders on my social anxiety, too. If I was a CA resident I’d definitely try and get my medical card. My anxiety is still present when I’m stoned, but it washes away, like it doesn’t matter. Obsessions can’t get a firm footing on my mind. I like that feeling. Each time I have smoked it’s like having a miniature therapy session with myself.


In conclusion, drugs are good. Embrace them. They’re natural and they can work magic, once you find the right ones. What’s unnatural, what’s bad, is OCD. That’s the enemy, and we have to do whatever we can to defeat it.

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  1. parrot75 3 years ago

    Hi I also have ocd I was on prozac too but it didn’t work by me I’m glad it worked for u btw ur a good writer 🙂

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