It feels like the world is caving in and I am trying to be the hero in my own story, but I don’t know how to be. I am my own worst enemy. Do you ever feel as though you are meant to be unhappy? Like you life is somehow predestined to be riddled with failure and lack of accomplishment. I do. Deep within me, I feel as though I am not deserving of happiness because I am so different, so wrong, so unlovable. I get scared to let people in because I am scared they will discover the truth and disappear. I deeply struggle with feelings of self-worth and overall worthiness, it just feels like I will never be enough. I will never be someone’s first choice. I feel like I am everyone’s last choice. No one’s favorite person– like I just sort of am a last resort option that exists. These are the thoughts constantly circling in my brain to the point of exhaustion.

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  1. jessiie 2 years ago

    I struggle with my self worth too, like I am never good enough. We are good enough! You deserve to come first, everyone deserves to be happy and I hope that you find happiness. Stay strong, take care.

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