It has only been a few weeks since I left my husband. When I left, I told him I would be back for the rest of my stuff. Well no sooner did I leave, the phone was cut off, the credit cards and bank cards were reported stolen, and my own car was reported stolen. Well worth the price for freedom though. With no money, I couldn't get back to get anything.

Since I am in town, I was trying to be nice and let him know I was going to get some stuff while he was at work. I mainly just wanted my son's stuff. Nothing else mattered. I guess I should not have been surprised when I saw his car there. I rang the bell and he yelled for me to just come in. He decided to stage a little scene for me inside. Him getting sucked off by his secretary. Was nice enough to tell me how much better she was at it and he was glad he didn't have to hide it anymore. What an ass.

I went upstairs to to my son's room. Empty. Went to my closet. Empty. Everything was gone. He was nice enough to holler up all our shit was gone the day after I left. Said a few other less then kind words. I just walked back to the door to leave and he grabbed me. I pulled away and he slapped me. I left.

It is hard to believe I married that monster. There were things there I wish my son could have had back, but really, it doesn't matter. I would rather have lost everything then to see my son hurt or exposed to what his step-father did. I am angry at myself for letting myself get into that situation. I am angry at myself for staying as long as I did. I am free from him for good though. Never again.

  1. visualist 12 years ago


    I really feel for you. I left a marriage of 21 years with nothing but my clothes and a little bit of money I squirreled away without her knowing. She tried to keep everything, even the earring in my ear and then, she spread rumors about me to anyone who would listen.

    You and your son deserve a better life than his step-father could offer. Just keep going and let your son know how much you love him and how the situation has nothing to do with him (kids tend to take responsibility for things like this).

    Stay strong! (((Hugs)))

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  2. claudius_67 12 years ago

     Christ!  I was trying to find the right word to describe this guy and sociopath sprang to mind.  You've clearly done the right thing except with the title of the blog – broken?  This guy was never whole

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  3. claudius_67 12 years ago

     Sorry, you're the one who's understandably broken –  I was just so incredulous at what I read that "Broken husband" must have seemed apt  Dave 🙂

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