This year has been an eye opener for me.  as I found myself last september I have been getting to know me for who I am and except the person for who I am.  I never have before in all my 33 years. 


I went down last week and get a new tattoo, one that I have drawn out myself in a depiction of my hopefully newly enlighte self.  I am Christian by choice and have always had trouble with religion, some fear, some doubt and some disbelief.  my new tat is of my constant journey to find god and myself. 


here is the detail :  three crosses represent Jesus and to two sinners.  I feel that I carry one of the sinners cross behind him.  over the crosses comes a sun rising from the east signifying a new day and a new beginning for me as a shadow casts across the ground to the west with the crosses below showing the shadows of yesterday.  behind the crosses are a pair of praying hands which signify my constant search for answers and explanations, yet always highly devoted personality.  and behind the hands lay mountains and clouds to finish of the image.  my wife says that the tattoo looks like Calvary or maybe know as Golgotha. 


I placed this tattoo on my right forearm so I can see everytime that my hand


I need to take pictures as soon as it heals up a bit but for kind of a rough idea on thought process I found a picture that looks kinda like what I envisioned in my drawing.


I will post a pic as soon as I can.  Cheers!  hope everyone is having a good day!

  1. razorsharp26 12 years ago

    thank you both.  I am pretty excited.  I will try to have a pic up by this weekend.  thanks for the comments!

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  2. razorsharp26 12 years ago

    I am not sure how to post into the blog yet as I am still a new user\"\"

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  3. razorsharp26 12 years ago

    here we go.  it still needs to heal a bit so the texture looks a bit off but you should be able to get the idea.  on each side it wraps into mountains that cannot be clearly seen here.  wish I had my old camera equipment!


    thanks for checkin it out.

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