Hey! This is my very first blog I have ever written… I just found this site in hope tofind people like me going through problems like Iam…Im sixteen years old. My name is Emily. I go by Emmy. In the last two years I have been through ALOT. I fell in love with a really sweet kind person. His name was William. We went through alot to be together because he was older than me by alot. But it never stopped the love we had for eachother. WE still talk to this day. My life was going perfect with William until I got the voicemail I wish I never got. It ruined my life with just one message. On February 11, 2009 @ 11:56 my father/bestfriend/hero died right infront of me…the six months before he passed I had to grow up quickly…drop out of school to take care of my dad and help my mom with all the adult stuff at the age of 15…When he passed i became a whole nother person…Im not happy anymore I never smile and I rarely laugh and actually mean it…William and I broke up 3 days after my dads death…which was ever harder on me…I have dropped out again and currently going to a very good online high school to get my diploma so I can move out of the state of Arizona…I want to be a perfesional piercer and massage theripost…to save up money to go to a really good coledge to try and achieve my goal of a crime scence investigator…Me and my mom dont get along anymore we are allways fighting only because I never had the chance to get to know her so we are like 2 oposites living in the same house…Me and my little sister sara dont talk because she shut down when he passed and doesnt like anyone to talk to her…sometimes i wish that there was someone that I could talk to…I hope someoen reads this and can understand where im coming from….


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  1. Aspiretodream 13 years ago

    It's hard dealing with a loved one passing. It's completely normal for you to be sad. I know that when my grandma died when I was in 7th grade it was really hard for me, because I saw her all the time and we were like best friends. My mom made me go see a psychiatrist. I really hated it at first because I wasn't the kind of person to just tell a stranger how I was feeling. But actually after a while, it really helped me. It's always up to you, but if you're having problems finding someone to talk to, then maybe you should look into finding a psychiatrist. If you ever wanna talk to me, feel free! 🙂 Best Wishes,


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