So annoyed I am always right and no one ever wants to believe me they just say im paranoid. Do I even suffer paranoia that bad? Am I just right about a load of things that seems paranoid to others? I don't even know. I just hate that people dont choose to believe me and say im wrong. Makes me more annoyed and depressed that no one believes me at all and makes out im crazy. Its mainly my ex boyfriend and his family. Of which I dont like no more as they are twofaced and bitch about me but really care for others that are evil scum in this world. They dont deserve to be on this earth when they so evil. They especially make my life even worse. I used to always say about these girls and what they were like and no one ever believed me and it turned out I was right about them all along. They all were after my now ex. But he never wanted to believe it and what they were after. I suppose he tries to see good in everyone but I see mainly evil with certain people. Its not fair. Even now, his brothers girlfriend, known to me as the dog. Is now living with my ex and his family. Yet im banned from the house and she's caused more problems, one of them being she set me, my ex and another one of his brothers up and nearly got us killed as these people were swinging weapons at us. People still treat her like this saint and im fed up of having to sit back and watch while this scummy cow is scrounging off my ex. Who i still very much care about … Unfortunately. I just hate trying to tell people what these people are like and yet they dont listen. Maybe they'll come back and apologise when they realise i have been right all along. I just hate to see my ex do this. How do i get rid of these feelings and stop thinking about the evil in many people? I hate it. Just as much as i hate them. And i know i shouldn't hate as it only hurts me more and they aint bothered. Just so hard, i hold grudges with people and dont let it go. I have so much anger and hatred for people all bottled up inside. How do i stop feeling hate?

  1. Cto21 7 years ago

    Hey Paige,
    I\'ve gotten mixed up with bad people before and it sounds like they are just dragging you down. You don\'t need people in your life who won\'t listen to you. Forget them! Work on you and forget that ex of yours, work on making yourself happy.


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  2. pe19 7 years ago

    Thank you 🙂 its a struggle, 5 years 🙁 we got together 5 years ago and had to break up because of age and my parents. We stayed extremely close and got back together in 2012. I do still care. Its not easy, I cant forgot or move on as quickly when I feel so shit about myself aswell and still feel for him. I wish so badly I could just stop that but unfortunately I cant. I sometimes wish I could have a time machine and go back so I never met him. I definitely wouldnt feel like this and I definitely wouldnt have as many problems as I do now. He knows how I feel, he couldnt handle my problems and thats why we broke up originally. He says he never cheated but still not convinced, he made me paranoid about him all the time. I just wish I could get him out of my head because although ive had a great day going hiking in the countryside, I have now come home and feeling upset again. And yeah I understand, he makes decisions for what he wants, but she\'s also a bitch and has been saying stuff over the internet that im psycho and has been forcing me out the picture since she first started going out with his brother last year. She\'s brothers I\'m and vindictive. He\'s a twat for falling for it and so is everyone else of his family and friends but shes just as bad. I dont even know which person is worse. I just hate them all. Its very upsetting

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