I am at a loss. My 17 year old ftm trans child is refusing to go to his first counseling appointment this Wednesday. He has been diagnosed with ADD, ODD, Aspergers ( so on the autism spectrum) Depression n Anxiety disorders. He been out of counseling for just over a year.

But I found a trans-sensitive counselor n he’s known about this appointment for almost a month. He is determined to not go, n he is bigger than me. He needs to be back on meds n into counseling. He has shared with his non-binary sibling (who he shares a room with) that he believes he is going to die this year. He did try in 2019, but what he took was non-lethal.

I do not know what I can do.

My husband says if he don’t want the help, then that’s fine. But I cannot do nothing!!!

My child sits in their room all day n night, only coming out for the bathroom. Plays on internet or video games all night, sleeps all day. My husband even serves them dinner in their room. My kid is being stubborn n just will not reason with me. He will not listen…

But I know he needs help, now.

I know he was doing much better when he was in counseling, even tho he says his last counselor was trans-phobic. I know we already tried many different meds, n nothing made that big of a difference. I know we just haven’t found the right combination of meds yet.

But what can I do??? My depression is acting up, my anxiety is off the charts,,,  how do I get help?? Do I call the cops? A social worker?? Just try to get my husband on board? Or try to reason with the kid some more??  I have to get him there, we need to get this journey started.

I hate to bribe/threaten him, but he does have his first gender clinic appointment next month. Don’t they like to see folks in therapy?? Maybe that will motivate him to cooperate??

I’m just so distraught to think he will not go… the therapist is scheduling 3-4 weeks out at this point, n we’ve waited so long…

I just do not know what to do….


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