I have nothing left. I’m done and the tank is empty.Tomorrow is my last day and I should be happy but I feel absoultely nothing and I can’t even sleep. I w=wish I had someone I could call or talk to, but everyone I open up too,I either hurt or make them leave… My depression is getting worse and worse and idk how much longer I can do this. I’m tired, tired of waking up, tired of taking a shower, tired of putting on the same old clothes, tired of taking the city bus, tired of walking in 100 plus degree weather, tired of pretending, tired of putting up with all of the shitty ppl in my life, honestly just tired of living…. I have reached my limit and I can’t take anymore. I need help or I’m gonna kill myself. This is it. I’m going fucking crazy and I just can’t do this anymore. The pain I’m feeling idk the words to really describe it, but it’s horrible. I’m only writing this cause I can’t sleep and at this point I’m saying random stuff but oh well I can’t sleep. I have no one here… just me. Everyone else is prob just trying to live their lives or are already asleep, so idk what I’m doing here. Nothing is really helping me anymore and I’ve been just screaming and yelling but I just have so much anger inside me idk what I’m gonna do…. Things will prob be much better in like5 years from now, but that’s 365 times 5  I am bad at math so idk that number but it’s a long time. I’m tired of waiting to be happy. I have waited long enough and I’m tired of seeing others happy and just pretending like I’m happy when I really just want to die. I should really got to bed I have 3 final exams tomorrow, but I only need to do well on 1 tbh…. Plus I-I-I idk . I am running out of words my mind is all over the place so I’m just gonna stop.




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