I'm graduating on May 7 and I feel like I wasted my whole college experience. I never got to know anyone, I never got involved in anything. I treated it like high school; I took my classes and I got good grades. No more, no less. But this isn't what looks good on a resume. They want to see experience. Of which mine is minimal. Finding jobs helps when you have connections. Of which I have none.

And forgetting my resume or job hunting (which I should have started doing already), I wish I'd gotten more experience for myself. I wish I'd made friends. Networked, whatever. I wish I knew people who shared my interests. A creative group of people that enjoyed doing the kinds of things I enjoyed doing. I wish I did things I could have enjoyed. I wish I'd written more for the paper. I wish I'd been an editor of a section. I wish I'd been an editor of the literary magazine. I wish I'd had a show on the radio station and worked for the committee.

Why do I always set myself up for regret?

Also, my doctor perscribed me Strattera after two weeks of phone tag (after my whole issue with not having mental health insurance when she wanted me to see a psychiatrist), which has horrible reviews online. Even the ones who gave it good reviews were basically like, "I just had to power through a month of horrendous side-effects and now it's only mildly awful."

So then she finally prescribed it and a few days later I called my pharmacy. They said that they had the script but it needed to be pre-authorized so they faxed my doctor and she'll have to explain to my insurance company why she prescribed it. That could take another three days or so. Dragging this entire thing out to about a month now? I don't even know. All so I can take a pill that will make me feel like shit. Then she'll have to perscribe something else and start the whole process all over again.

Thank you to the people who responded to my last post about this, though. I really appreciated it 🙂

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  1. lones73 7 years ago

    oh my little one, you are worried about nothing. You are young, appreciate that. Yep you might only qualify for a job at burger king, but it's only temporary. School and college aren't the be all and end all. You can be what you want to be if you strive for it, and hell you can always go back when you know what you want to do.

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