I can't stand this anymore!!  Dana went out the last three nights and each night I asked will you be home and she said yes well she didn't she was gone all night.  Last night I got Landon ready for bed and he wanted his mommy to sit with him but she says no I have to fix my hair I'm going out….I looked at her and if looks would kill she'd be dead twice over…I was so mad and I wouldn't have done anything if Landon hadn't said grandma will you sit with me?  I can't and won't say no to him for something like that.  I told her two times before she left that I needed the car in the morning cause I have to see my therapist.  I'd already told her every day this week so she wouldn't forget.  When she was leaving I asked will you be home, she said yes…I said please be home tonight cause I have to leave her by 8am to go to the therapist.  She acted a little put out with me and I told her again, be home tonight. 

This morning I got up at 5am and she's not home so I text her and nothing, I called her and nothing and I know her phone was on and charged she always used that excuse before but I know better now.  I tried calling her again at 7 still no answer….Allison brought the baby over and she tried to call her, nothing.   I called again at 7:30 and she actually answered the phone!!!  She said I'll be there shortly I said make it quick I have to leave here by 8..she said ok very sleepy.  I assume she spent the night with her boyfriend again….8 oclock came and no Dana, 8:30 came and no Dana I called again and she sounded like she'd just woke up and I said why aren't you here she said I'll be there in a minute so I told her don't hurry I already had to reschedule.  This appointment was very important for me today and now I can't go til the 20th…she showed up at 9:15 and asked me if I was mad at her and I said wouldn't you be?  Yes I'm mad at you and she went to say something and then said nevermind and went in to her room.  I told her I had to go to the bank and just left and while I was gone she'd told her brother that one of her friends got ran over by a car last night and she was at the hospital….he's on my side he told her well you should never have gone to bed you should have come home and went to bed.

When I got back from the bank my son was watching the baby instead of her and was in her room on t he bed watching tv instead of watching her own son too.  I said Dana I'm sick  of how you've been treating me not caring one way or the other what my feelings are and I'm sick of being the mom around here to everyone, you don't take care of your son, you dont' spend time with him like you could have last night, you come home from work and sleep til time to go back to work and don't spend time with him and it needs to stop RIGHT NOW!!!!  She said are you still mad?  Can you believe she asked me that???  I said YES I'm still mad at you and it's not just about this morning it's all this I've just told you about you need to wake up and be a responsible mom!!!  She then told me about her friend and all that and I said Dana when you left the  hospital instead of going to Bens house to sleep you should have come straight home because you knew I had to use the car this morning….no response…she does that when she knows I'm right….I just can't take this anymore I've been taken advantage of, not cared about, nothing not even how do you feel today with no regard to the pain I endure while I watch the baby and her son….I kinda wish for just one day she would feel like me when I get up, all day long and when I go to bed and then maybe, maybe she'd understand the pain I have to endure….


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