People, in general, must wonder why the nickname is longhuggs and my age! The first thing or idea that must pop through someone's mind is i'm just trying to be a playboy on this site and flirt or hookup with as many lonely women as possible! That approach to men's and women's thought process, I assume would be true on the world's media of getting your attention to read or watch their local or national news, obviously for higher viewer ratings, on the scare factor! So, if you don't read their article or watch their tv segment, the writer gets canned for nothing interesting that captures the public's eye and also, the paper or tv station loses money! Thus, today, the late 1800's term of "yellow journalism", comes first to mind for me! This, is why i personally don't view tv news or watch current tv shows because of the fact i find is most of the us tv series is regarding criminal acts, putting them behind bars and the ever going life or death medical dramas that literally don't help my depression and as a result get less sleep thinking of all that terrible crap. i saw! So, i get my news from radio and the internet and choose what i want to learn upon!  This, brings me back to why i go by longhuggs! I, read an interesting article on an event that captured my attention and my beating heart instantly, " 8,000 people patiently wait in line in new york city for a hugg! I, personally love to gives huggs to my family  and feel their warmth and true love we have for each other, how lucky i am for that! So, i read on for the facts and found an amazing story! Just, as good as mother theresa was when she graced this violent planet with all her love for humanity! To sum up the article, basicaly this elderly woman originally from india started hugging everyone in her village from when she was a teenage girl! The, village adored her and word got around in neighboring villages, thus cities, that people felt more stronger mentally and physically after her longhugg! In, the following years she was viewed upon as of having healing powers because of these longhuggs! So, with her following the group found its way to new york city as her headquarter's to say! So, the word was released she would do huggs for anyone on a certain day this week! To, the media's amazement the 8,000 people waited their turn, at no charge, for one of these magical gifts she must have been blessed with! This, extrordinary event doesn't stun me the least! I, would have also waited my turn and told her this longhugg is for you and your personal selflissness! Thus, at my yes tender age feel much better after a hugg! I, seem to go blind to all my personal anxieties and bad thoughts! Thus, i came up with longhuggs, not because of personal gain, but of the thought of being a listening post for all that need encouragement or my thoughts how to dissolve anyone's problem, through my personal experience in my life! So, i bow and take off my showman's hat as in a circus, this is why "LONGHUGGS41", came to be my own synonym** I, feel much more relaxed after taking the time and expressing my dearest few thoughts on life, so that if you took the time to read, maybe we can help each other! Thus, getting to know other's on here and perhaps becoming online friends! Ernie**


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