I went to see my GP today, although it wasn't my GP it was just a fill in GP as my regular one is away on holidays. I got him to fill out my form stating why living in this house in making my conditions more unstable. I asked him for another repeat for Ativan and told him how it's been helping me and how my anxiety depression have been out of control over the past few months even with Pristiq. He basically treated me like a druggo and was trying to tell me I should never have been given Ativan in the first place. He had my medical history right in front of him saying I have been DIAGNOSED with these conditions by a psycologist since 200 and fucking 3 and he was trying to make me feel like the worst person in the world for asking for more drugs that have been helping me. He refused to give me any kind of perscription or offer any help dispite me telling him things have been bad. He became short with me and basically showed me the door. Out of all the doctors and psycologists I have seen in my life I have never felt so angry and degraded than in the 10 minutes I spent with him. I really thankful for my Mum. She was a nurse for over 30 years and she also has bad anxiety and depression and takes Ativan so she was able to get me a script to get me through. I'm planning on calling my psychologist to make an appointment for which I'll be expected to pull another $200 out of my arse for, and tell her whats been going on and what the doctor said to me. After I left the office I just stood by the side of the road with my head spinning, I honestly just wanted to walk out and stand infront of an on coming car, I really couldn't of cared less. My head is still spinning with anger and rage and I can feel a mirgrain coming on so it will be early to bed for me. I just keep thinking over and over don't make a permanent decision on a temporary emotion.

  1. borntired 10 years ago

    Ugh I hate it when docs are not there for their patients

    One of my mom's doctors goes around the country teaching docs how to do better after getting a serious illness and being on the other end of the stick

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  2. rainydaywoman 10 years ago

    it was just the fact that he refused to hear me out about how ativan HAS been helping me he basically accused me of turning into a drug addict despite my medical history being right in front of him on the computer.

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