A new Youtube craze-Kerligirl13 rants here. [Embedded videos at bottom.]

Kerligirl13 is now the 10th most searched phrase on Google.com.

I don't know why I've been vexed by this girl so much. She posted a response video [at bottom of blog], today. Apparently, a few days ago, she uploaded a video called "Haters…Piercings…Stickydrama =D"  in which she rants in reply to recent "haters" [trolls] stating [some, now, famous meme quotes:]

"I'm not 9, I'm 11!" "You can fucking suck my dick and get AIDS and die" "You can suck my invisible penis" "You haters are bitches"

It gets better.

"You all are just jealous because I'm prettier than you, I have more friends than you, more people like me, I have more fans" "My boyfriend is perfect" "I have 3 boyfriends" "I'm just normal, I'm perfect" "I just type emo and scene in my titles because people would be like [random facial expression] instead of like [long akward blank stare]"


Why do I care? Why should I care? Just…even though she's trolling, the idiocy in her videos and her attitude is horrible. The meme is long overplayed. It's getting old. And yet it's still going.

For an 11 year old, her language is horrible, how she dresses and how she acts…And, as many people have commented, she makes people afraid to have children.

9,000 comments. Within 2 days, that video has 9,000 comments.


And her reply to the replies in her reply video has her dad screaming "we're going to backtrack your emails!" "We WILL report this to the cyberpolice!" […waitwut?] "The consequences will never bee the same." You done goofed."

I mean, sure I feel bad for her. 4chan has posted her personal information. She's getting so much crap.

But…She engrages me! I have so much hate in me! I can't understand it…


Also, these past 3 weeks have been spent inside. I have no motivation to eat, drink, sleep…and this has never happened before. I want to lay down and slowly waste away to death…Like as if there's no reason behind living.

I don't know.


Anyways, have a good day, Depression Tribe! 🙂




 Encyclopedia Dramatica


I must be a horrible person for egging this on. Poor girl.


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