hello to all whom choose by free will to read this message thats right i am carrying a message or 2 to whom ever it might be apprapoe i cannot spell and i cannot hear so my use of writting sucks but here goes

spring is here the crocuses are blooming with the tulips ready to bloom the earth is waking from her slumber i love the fall and the spring next love the winter kinda dont like all that moist heat of the summer but any way it is what it is

i will be turning 50 this late spring june 13th pack a bag come hang out with us at my birthday party open invitation to all who call and make a reservation to attend its gonna be a blast live music the ocean close by bring your tents and sleeping bags as the famous camp ground called burlingame is right in our back yard bring your family friends cusins aunts uncles .

see i have had 7 heart attacks as of last November just got out of the hospital on monday oh happy april fools day everyone blessings to you all i love to joke and play laugh

Thank you for all who have been leaving me graphics love and kind compassion i understand we sometimes loose our faith muppet b rose u are ok we can chat about it your faith our faith in something bigger stronger AND LOVING more powerful than us is imparitive to living with depression or any mental illness me i am in a 12 step program AA and Alanon for family and friends of aa its work it is amazing today i start my day upon awakening i pray to do the next right thing then i say the 3rd step prayer then the 7th and finally the 11th the prayer of saint francis how ironic the new pope is st fraincis the 1rst good things are happening all over the world when we place our faith and build on our spiritual conditions we thrive we do more then mearly survive!

i love the spring i love great spirit and i love the amimals the earth the sun the moon the sky the water rivers oceans lakes the mountains

things are better now for me i feel stronger very focused on improving my self and my life depression sucks the life out of us we loose our boots cannot get up to put em on even if the boot straps are big we peoples with serious depression dont often have the energy to retreive our boots let alone pull em up

we are good compassionate kind loving funny smart talented people we try to be here for one another on a daily trip we trudge this path your path you trudge you meet like minded same heart/soul men woman of all races creeds and ages we all seem to love our animals angels our higher power whom i call god or great spirit as eric said he has risen mother mary is the best mother known to man my mother was a brillant shining star a real big hearted person last saterday marked the17th year she passed over its ok it does not hurt its a missing her that gets to me she is right here with me my dad brother and her huge family they will be here for the party as well fun in the sun gemini party reunion of friends and family call me i will tell you the details my email is [email protected] we live here in lil rhode island the beach is less then a mile away the woods are on all 3 sides there are pictures of my mom and pops house on my page here.

today i am here for you all anyone needs me call or write i have missed you all so very much i have been making new friends too like ooak moodyblues and more i like and love our sacred space its safe secure and we are all in the same ship together sailing through our lives one day at a time u are welcome to leave messages here and on my page this is the 3rd blog i have written the other 2 got lost in space lol so here we hare spring has sprung thank god for the mother earth father sky grandmother moon and grandfather sun soon the flowers will be blooming the air warming up and the colors of nature will be visable to all but the blind i was blind but i have changes in the workings of the 12 steps i have found my life to be unfolding like a flower you people here are my angels i wish you happiness joy love peace balence harmony serenity courage wisdom and to live like you were dying if you need to talk leave me a messge in my inbox i promiss to you that i will catch up with you asap thanks for all the love compassion care and tenderness blessed be to all of you happy april fools day ciao for now andrea moonwolfeagle sparkii

  1. sadviolinist 9 years ago

    Andrea, I was unaware that you were in the hospital again! Are you okay? I haven't been on much because it's been a busy crazy weekend. I love you and will call you soon! I'm SO glad that you are home!  ~ ((((HUGS)))) Key

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  2. fishman999 9 years ago

     hey andrea i dident now you had been in hospital i wish you would say as you say in your blog we are all in the same boat on here and we need to look after each please feel free to message ore chatt i will always be here to help or talk take care .

                           john xoxo

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