Yes y'all your now rockin wit best black dorf from the legendary roo's crew in the flesh.
I slit up in here with the marley family chrestian we gon set it up for y'all.

she loves to party
have a good time
she look so harty
feeling fine
she loves to smoke (sometimes she sniffs coke)
she's a laughin when there aint no joke


Pimpass Paradise
that's all she was, now, ay
Pimpass Paradise
thats all she was
Pimpass Paradise
that's all she was, now
Pimpass Paradise
that's all she was

verse 1

cause coke was a ting that once she first tried
was once a blue moon to once a blue sky
now she's wondering who else wants to go by
she don got no money n wants to get high
story sounds familula'
like bound to be wide but she slilia
not quit da same but simula'
a waste of massase of parillia
she used to look good in vidus
now she look hidiuos

now it's broken crack pipes with lipstick traces
walk da cold nights red district places
she see's more hotels and motel suitcases
more male customers than old navies
she love line life more den n saves these
seen more mile den a rent a Avs
she don slow down den someday maybe
she lost n she cant find her way to safety


check it out

she keep head head up in space like a satellite
cause she got a ansasational appitite
for stayin out late nights with all the pairisites
plottin on her way to cop a small piece of paradise
her dignity is the only thing she can sacrifise
jus get the monkey off her back n she'd by back in life
5 minutes she's stayin on the move
she a smoke up n stoned at the built a refruse
dark coked up, alone she's aint leaving in tomb
n it's sad cause she didn't have a real reason to use
she was a pretty gurl clearer than the bord of health
studied n enjoied herself
i dunno wut drove her to avoid herself
destroied herself n took a taste of the yay
n now she on the track working while wasting away
it's safe to say she's looking for a place to stay
whoever got a lil paper to play can get a slice of this


for no reason the seasons spliff was the first thing
one spring season while she's out flirtin
now she see's in need n don need no rehersin
n steam get a beatin life is uncertian
eger, need feeding now the warmth sperson
benethe the demond she's a warm person
when she's not feenin
swearin n cursin
behind the curtin
she's really hurtin

n while people don even jus a ride home
dey deal dat dem grin n cook da rocks down
n she without sin will spark da first stone
da feelin kicks in she's in the dark zone
old friends walks pass goin bout their own
as is she is someone that they don know
then the king of kings lifts her off the flo'
sayin life is a ting where you learn to grow

Pimpass Paradise
that's all she was, now, ay
Pimpass Paradise
that's all she was
Pimpass Paradise
that's all she was, now
Pimpass Paradise
that's all she was

she raise n she fall like a star
a life right off like a cuire
a first full of all kind of scare
a real sweet fist start a war
she can't keep herself off the wall
she plays like a broken guitar
she always wan take it to far
i doubt she gwan

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  1. KizzyT31 13 years ago

    its an amazing song isnt it!! its Damien Marley – Pimpass Paradise.


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