My 26th birthday is coming up soon and I never would have thought I would be here where I am. In a good and bad way. I wish I wasn’t in this town I spent forever in. I wish I push myself to be more and be more understanding of myself. I wish I new my support were all with the wrong people when I was younger. can’t change that now.

I’m older now, more whole, have more understanding, I have more patience, more motivation, and more of a purpose for myself. I made it my goal to make myself happy because I am only in control of my own point of view of the universe. I am aware there are so many sad and miserable people. The source of that for me was the thoughts others had of me. I later learned that If i felt like what i did in a day was the best I could then that was that. It was enough for me. I don’t have time to be dwelling on my short comings. The only thing I am taking from myself is the ability to live.

So when I get the chance to love someone I do it.

When I get the chance to practice kindness, I do it.

when I get the chance to become upset about something that matters to me .

I look forward to what adventures are going to happen for me.

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  1. danr 2 years ago

    A wonderful thought. Thank you for sharing. The only one’s actions you can control is your own. I hope things go well for you.

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