My mind is twirling,

The gears turning,
Generating thoughts

Trying to rebuild,
To finally be strong,
And to be something important,
And worth while

I'm thinking…
Trying to fit in,
Be myself,
And find who I am,
But I keep getting lost

I'm not going to give up,
If I trip,
I know I'll be safe,
If I fall,
I know where I've fallen
If I get tired,
I'll rest,
Because I'm not going to give up

You can throw insults at me,
And I will be my own shield,
Because I don't need anyone else for protection

You can laugh at me all you want,
Call me names,
Tell me I'm worthless,
But I'm not going to resign

I know that somewhere out there,
Someone will think that I'm beautiful,
And in somebody's eyes I'll be perfect,
And I can be who I want to be,
And I will not be judged

So tell me I'm nothing,
Try to make me fall down,
Because I'm going to zip my lips,
And not make a sound
Because I will be strong

From this day forth,
I'll be who I want to be,
Be happy,
And myself

Nothing you do will make me want to give up,
I'm not going to let your insults get me down anymore,
Because somehow,
Someway I'm going to rise up to the top,
And beat you once and for all,
Because you're not going to win,
For this time,
I'm going to be strong


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