this isn't the blog i was planning on posting, but this has ocurred to me just a couple of hours ago and have to decided to write this one first.

So, now and again my dad has had a down period. Thing is everyone gets them, it's just a part of life. I have spoken to him before but he has never really told me what is bothering him. It is only every 4 months or so that i see it.He spends a lot of time on his own because he is doing an extension on our house by himself.He is no drunk, but likes to have a couple of brandys before bed every night plus a couple of beers during the day. I am not saying this is a problem but i will now explain. He says he has trouble sleeping and he feels down and stuff like that. I have assumed that it is a state in which he has got because of the nearly 4 years of isolation of working at home on his own everyday, and feeling bored with life. Alcohol is a depressant so his 2 or 3 drinks before bed i don't think help and i have thought maybe it doesn't help with sleep either. Before i state my question, i have to explain something. My dad tends to assume he's got something when someone talks about it. He says his stomach is bloated a lot of time. So someone said maybe he is gluten intolerant. He automatically assumed this was the problem, even though i suggested maybe his diet or beer causes it. There have been a couple of others. My aunt is the same , when i said about ocd they both said maybe they had it a little sometimes lol anyway i am actually thinking it is possible for him to have it. Truthfully i don't think he quite understands it. He has told me about was depressed at times when younger. And that he was never happy with staying permanent, always changing jobs and moving around. I asked him things like feelings, beeing around people did he start thinking of stuff he has said and worry about it… stuff like that. He says he does worry sometimes when he wakes up in the night and says he wakes up because he worries about things. I know that ocd has a genetic relation sometimes, so i'm just wondering.He has no compulsions, maybe pure-o? I myself doubt it. But i don't want to be quick with denying it. Mybe I could be wrong. Just wondering what others opinion is on this and maybe anyone with pure-o could have some clue? i'd appreciate it. I am curious…

  1. bluerosie 12 years ago

    Could be; you never know what's going on in someone's head or if they'd tell you about it.  Does sound like he's at least dealing with depression, though.

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  2. giru 12 years ago

    thanks guys. The day after I decided he wasn't , it just didn0t seem right.I appreciate the comments, i just didn't want to assume he hasn't without a chance. I think your totally right, it must be more of a depressio thing…

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