Another night, another row. It’s half 5 in the morning and I’m exhausted, emotionally and physically. I love my boyfreind so much, but when we disagree about something and he gets frustrated, he resorts to deep nasty digs which really hurt. We had a huge row about a month ago on this subject, and he admitted he was being spiteful and he didn’t know why he did it. I was on the verge of leaving he but we agreed to try to work through it. But it has happened a few times since. My family think I’m being walked over and shake their heads in mournful unison whenever I have something positive to say about him. On a general basis, he’s lovely. But it only takes one nasty remark to wash all of that away. He says it’s just because he’s frustrated, but I don’t think that’s a valid reason to keep lashing out verbally at someone, especially someone you care about. Once or twice I could understand, but it keeps happening. Am I being too demanding? Is it acceptable that your partner can say something really spiteful out of frustration, but if he apologises and puts it down to frustration it’s ok?! I don’t think so. I guess alot of women in my situation would probably back down with the hugs and tears and cuddles that follow each outburst, but I’m scared of accomodating it to any extent in case this becomes the pattern of our relationship. And I will leave him if it doesn’t stop. But I don’t want it to come to that. I think he’s resentful, but I don’t know what about. He says he feels indignant when i get upset about something and he doesn’t see what there was in what he said to make me upset. But it isn’t until I’m telling him how I’m not sure I’m prepared to fight for our relationship for much longer that he ever admits these things. How can you change your ways for the better if you didn’t think they were wrong in the first place?! I hate it when he does that – apologises and then effectively retracts it with a statement like that afterwards. We wont solve anything so long as he just says things to keep me sweet. SIGH. Well, I am finally going to try to get some sleep. Hope you’re all well, and thanks to Angela (:


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