Kay here's the situation.


This happened about a 2 weeks ago.

So on this said day I am talking about, I had been having a pretty bad time, a bad few weeks for that matter. Anyways, me and my mom were NOT getting along, I was already pissed off about a million and two things and I felt just bad all over in general. So then she tells me if I don't get my attitude together I'm going to be grounded. This sets me off because she doesn't understand what I'm going through inside my head and she doesn't realize how hard this move and all these things have been on me lately. Anyways then she tells me to go clean out the car and windex it and stuff, well I go outside and automatically burst into tears just ranting to myself and I'm so fed up with her not knowing about my depressoin that in the passion of the moment i type into her txt on my phone, "Come outside we need to talk" and I don't really plan on sending it I just wanted to type it so i could pretend like i did and feel a little better. In the habit of sending texts as I do frequently, I accidently press the send button, and for a second I am frozen I don't know what to do, then i realize this must be God telling me that now is the time to tell her, so i prepare what i will say in my head. I am still crying and it is about 80 degrees outside so I am sweating and just generally nasty all over with mascara running down my face, needless to say i looked a mess. I clean the entire car which takes about 20 minutes and she still doesn't come outside. I give up clean my face on a paper towel and go inside. We are later sitting at the table with her and my grandma and she pulls out her phone to check the time. She says "Oh I have a text!" and i obviously know it is mine, but i don't want to talk about it in front of my gparents so I just say, "yeah it's from me but nevermind it." and that's how it ends. I was so ready that day to confess to her everything i was feeling. I was so ready to be open, and I thought God was telling me it was the right thing to do, but then she doesn't even get the text?!!?


You tell me what that means. And what I should do.


  1. snowdreamer 12 years ago


    I believe sending that text was telling  you to open up.  I'm sorry she didn't get it until dinner time and I understand you not wanting to talk in front of everyone else but honey by all means don't give up find a way to sit her down and tell her all that's going on with you and start out by saying mom I'm in trouble and then explain everything.  I hope she sits and listens to you and spill it all out, don't leave out a thing.  I did this with my mom because she didn't understand me and always thought it was my attitude until I finally broke down and told her everything and now she understands to a point but doesn't get on me like she did she even tries to have talks now and then to see if anything has changed or what's going on.  Honey she could end up being your support, your best friend and an understanding mom and that's what you  need right now….I hope everything goes well and I'd love to know how things turn out if you want to share.  hugs and kisses


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  2. Dakotaa 12 years ago

    Thank you so much

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