Today was pretty laid back. I helped out around the house and went with my boyfriend's mom and grandma to Walmart and got one of the kid's hair cut. It was a bit awkward though because people kept on asking if they were my kids. Niether of them look related, let alone like me. One of the kids is full chinese and the other one has brown hair, brown eyes and makes me look as white as a ghost when we're compared. What's worse, a friend of my boyfriend's family asked if they were mine. A bit awkward for me to be honest, and probably a bit awkward for her too since she's seen both of them at the house before I moved in. But that was probably the most exciting my day got.

Besides that, saw some cute shirts, helped with the kids, and took care of my boyfriend's new pet. It's name is Flippy, it's a ball python. It sucks though because the last owners new absolutely nothing about the snake or how to even take care of an animal for that matter, so all day I've been keeping an eye on the wound on it's face and making sure the tank is at the right temperature and humidity (have to keep doing that until we get enough money to buy the correct habitat for the snake).

I have absolutely no idea what the last owners were even thinking. The snake is probably a little over a foot long and they have a tank for it that it can't even fully stretch out in, the bath for the snake was probably for a tiny lizard, and the flooring they have for the snake are wood shavings and chips, and the snake's home? A hollowed out half piece tree. And the light they had for the snake was a tiny black light bulb. I have no freaking clue what the last owners were thinking. And on top of that, the snake had something on its face when we got it. Come to find out, the snake got a wound, a chip of wood from the flooring got in it and it scabbed around the wood, when we tried to pull the wood out, the scab came too, and guess what? Snake has had an infection under the scab, not pretty.


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