So I finished a BA in Business today, and rather than living it up and thanking God for letting me accomplish this I set here in a Hotel room in Las Vegas. My wife who sets at home thinking up new things to complain about, had her computer crash again…So sh expects me to go out and buy her a new one…I have been in school for almost 5 years and I had crap computers which all still work. She plays games on them she does not work….she only complaines that no one loves her. Even though I come home almost every night and have never slept around on her even though it has been about seven years since I have been intimate with her. I am fed up I spent 1100.00 for a new computer, from the tax money which we got back. I will recieve nothing from the money. She signed my name to the check and deposited it. I am a fool, but you know I know that she is rather spoiled. and if she does not get her way the whole world will suffer. I am very depressed at this time because where as this is an accomplishment for me she just sees it as another bill she will have to pay. But it is the money which I am earning…I don't know. I feel very disappointed in life and the works, Happiness is when everyone feels good about the place they are in with their lives, yet my happiness is only the thought to be able to get through another day. If there was a time in whih I was not there…she would never be able to funtion…I need happiness I need someone to agknowlege the fact that I actually am going to graduate College. I need someone who believes in me as much as I believe in my self. True happiness comes from being or exsisting in this life and being able to understand the this life is only a small part of the rest of the eternity, or it is just a short time then we die. Either way if we are only remembered by the pain and suffering we caused another person, then we have truley failed in this life. I know there is a better life for me, but I cannot leave my wife because it is not that I love her because I really do not feel as though I really do. It is more the fact that I feel sorry for her because she has not a clue what she has in life, and she does not appreciate the life she does have.It is kind of like leaving a kitten out on a freeway, soonr or later the kitten will get plowed over by an unsuspecting car, and someone will feel bad for the kitten. Wow tha sounded pretty bad I am sorry about that, but my wife has not a clue even though she watches hours of CNN, Code Case files and all the news programs you could ever imagine, she watches two tvs in two rooms now  and no one els in the house dares to change the channel…she so smart she is numb to reality, and yes it is true she should be here talking away but she does not have the problem, I do I am normally a very happy person. I am not  at this time though…Anyone out there what do you all think????


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