To Whom it may concern,

August 12th. 2010

My name is Adam; I have several Mental Health Disabilities. Over the past four months I have been trying to get help for my current condition being that I am unable to leave the house and I am unable to live a normal life! I fought tooth and nail trying to get the Kent center to work with me so I can get better. They refused to provide me with any service’s that I could benefit from and gave up on me and turned their backs on me, Several months passed without any calls or help. I am disgusted with the way that I was treated, because of their lack of help and support, I was suicidal and to scared to leave and get help, I suffered so much and I I have lost so much, because again I am unable to leave my house. I have severe anxiety and agoraphobia as well as depression. I pulled myself out of this rot and started to fight again and advocate for myself. Today I just got a call from MHRH and now after all this time they have worked something out with the Kent center to help from what they are telling me and that the services that I need are now available to me and that the criteria that I once did not meet I now do,. Even know I still believe I did meet there criteria this whole time, but they would not help me..  Even know I will be starting to get the help that I need they are telling me that there is no way for me to get medications. And the medications that I am on I am all out of my depression medicine and have about three pills of my anxiety medications. What I went through should not have happened to me and I am afraid that this is happening to someone else out there, and maybe they are not as lucky as I am who are resource inclined to have people advocate and fight for them.  All I can think of is what if I did kill myself,  because I was unable to get the help that I needed from those whose jobs it is to provide for us. I am seeking legal help to make my point that I suffered traumatic mental stress from this and I feel discriminated against. I am also asking that you and your office personally look it to what happened with my situation before it effects someone else and there life’s. I pray to God that you will see reason and justice to make this right so no one else falls though the cracks of the State of Rhode Island or anywhere for that matter… Anywhere! I also want Agoraphobia to be recognized as a more serious common Disability and we should be able to get better help for our Disabilities, it is important that you adjust to peoples disabilities not avoid them or pretend that they do not exist. I cant imagine how many other people like myself that have suffered and still our suffering with this that has not been properly treated for it. The reason why it is so uncommon to get help is the fact we are unable to find it because nothing is being offered.,  I am a member of an if you go there you will see that we are there and that we are trying to get help but no one has listened. I believe that laws and criteria are in need to be changed! I Know that this needs to change. That People with Agoraphobia and severe anxiety are not able to leave and that we need to get help and in-home services and we need to have medicine available to us. There needs to be Doctors  and counselors and physiatrist’s available to people with these disabilities that are willing to do in home services for people that cannot go to their office’s and in person. Sincerely Adam M. Sullivan

"We as a Nation have long neglected the mentally ill and the mentally retarded. This neglect must end, if our Nation is to live up to its own standards of compassion and dignity."

– President John F. Kennedy

  1. ASulli83 12 years ago

    thank you that is a very nice thing to say! you just made a friend :\')

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  2. Agoraphobicgirl 12 years ago

    your a very strong person 🙂

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