What’s going on now and what led to it

Short Backstory

My dad passed away due to an extremely rare cancer when I was nine, he was diagnosed and 2 months later he died, left both my mom and I devastated. Not a year later we moved to another state to be with family to discover they weren’t really a good family to have. So it’s just the two of us.


I’m in high school with a year left after this one with no career in mind. I had my final and worst melt down in 10th grade and was labeled home-bound and was taught by a teacher from the high school at my house. The start of my 11th I signed up for online school and that is what I will continue to do through my last year in high school.

I find that making money is important but because of my disorders I need my career to be something I truly enjoy. I’d really love to just go through life for a while of trying many different things to discover what I like and who I am. As cliche as that sounds, sounds like a good plan to me.


My mom and I are extremely close. She has many health issues, physical and mental so she hasn’t worked in a long time. We look for alternative ways to make money but can’t find anything legit and we are both disabled in our own ways. Sadly we can’t actually live off the money we would get if we did claim disability we would be living more wealthy off of minimum wage.


The only income we receive is $800 a month to me from my dads passing. Her income ended when I was 16. We get $300 in food stamps a month and we are living off of borrowed money from our “family”. I might add that it was $200 short of $2,000 because they felt that was an appropriate amount to live off so we don’t go homeless. They wish to be paid back other wise we wouldn’t have contact with them. The amount of almost $2,000 has wasted away by now and we are left with only a few hundred I believe (if that, i fear). We’ve been living off of it for 6 months now I think. Honestly I’m not sure how we managed that.

What Needs To Be Done-

I need to go to the doctor to have my back looked at. I have scoliosis, they do that thing when you’re in elementary and middle school where the check your back. I’ve known since 6th grade but we shrugged it off as no big deal (by the way I find it strange and inappropriate for schools to do that. Doctors should be taking the responsibility in my opinion).

Also I need to look into getting evaluated again, I don’t believe the first time I was diagnosed was correct, well I do but I don’t think they diagnosed EVERYTHING. The first time around I had an evaluation it wasn’t even a proper one I don’t believe.

I need to look further into service dogs and getting donations if I qualify.



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