So far today is going ALOT better then I thought it would. Today me and my boyfriend got woken up really early because his mom wanted to take everyone to the court house so that everyone could be there when the adoption was finalized. Thing is, no one wanted to go, they all said the same thing "He's 2 years old and he's been with us since the day he was born and he's going to be with us until the day we die, it's just a piece of paper." So the mom wasn't too happy about no one wanting to come, but most of the house still went. Basically all they did at the court house was make sure that everything on the papers were correct and then gave them over to her. But ya…so I thought that all hell was going to break loose because no one wanted to go to the court house with her.

But to my suprise when I went downstairs my boyfriend's grandma greeted me with a big hug and kiss…I was a bit embarassed because I hadn't showered yet, but ya…I cooked me and my boyfriend some breakfast and then when I brought the dishes downstairs his grandpa gave me a bunch of bananas and then his grandma took the dishes and told me to go upstairs and hide them. Ya…that's how precious fruits and veggies are in the house lol Whenever my boyfriend's mom goes cooking she always buys a bunch of canned and frozen foods, basically the only veggie in the house is beans. The only things that are ever cooked are beans, rice, and meat. But omfg! I had one of the banana's  they were SO good ^-^ lol but ya…oh, in the past 10 months I've dropped 5 pant sizes, so that's good.

The only thing that sucks is that all of my pants right now are 16 or 18, I have one pair of pants that's a size 14 but it got lost in the laundry, so for the past week I've been searching the house for my pants. I washed them and then they disappeared somewhere in the laundry, but ya…a week before that my size 14 pants were seeming a bit big on me, then a few days ago I found a pair of pants in my clean laundry, I looked at them and thought that they were WAY too small and wouldn't fit, but my boyfriend talked me into trying them on. They were WAY too long for me but the actually fit me properly and the size is a size 13, so ya…I'm still looking for my pants but I went down another size, so that's a total of 5 pant sizes. Last night though my boyfriend's brother said that he might have them because there's a pair of pants somewhere in his room that are too big for him and aren't the kind of pants he wearrs. So once he gets home I'm gonna ask him to get them.

But ya…I guess the reason why my boyfriend's grandma is acting nicer then usual is because I guess in her eyes I'm acting more like how a woman is supposed to act; cooking, cleaning, sowing and basically just taking care of my boyfriend…so ya…Oh! also it sounds a bit weird, but last night my boyfriend actually gave me the nicest compliment that he's ever given me. He was talking about how he went to the mall yesturday before work to look at job openings in the mall and when he was there he saw alot of girls walking around in mini skirts and stuff but he didn't find any of them attractive, and then he was walking up the stairs by a girl who was wearing one of those mini dresses that should actually be a shirt and other guys were checking her out and he told her that she needs to put some pants on. I was laughing my ass off, but now he thinks he might be turning gay, I don't think that's it but whater…but ya…the compliment was basically he said that he'd rather have me exactly how I am, looks, personality and all then one of the girls that all the guys are checking out 24/7. Kind of a backhanded compliment if you think about it too much, but this is coming from the guy whose compliments usually get as deep as poking your stomach and going "Bellybutton!"


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