Well, it has been a while since I have written down my thoughts.. hhmmm, well,  it seems I have been in battle for quite a while. I cannot have my surgery, I lost my insurance, and have been battling to get covered so I can get the surgery. One of my twins keeps telling me he wants to move in with me, but, then comes back and tells me his mother cries every time he brings it up to her.. I so look forward to registering and starting classes! I am so ready to be able to focus, think, and learn.. I was never given any encouragement to go back to School with my ex. I am encouraging myself and doing it FINALLY.. although even my parents and sister don\'t seem that enthusiastic about the prospect. enough whining, I guess!

 The weather for the Holiday weekend was great!!! The rain held off until yesterday afternoon, and today is intermittant showers. I am looking foreward to meeting for my Son\'s transition meeting( he is starting H.S.)

 Oh, yeah I did get a new linoleum floor installed in my kitchen. Looks so much better than the old broken vinyl tile that was down. This apartment doesn\'t look too bad.. could use new furniture, but who has the money for that ! Even if I wasn\'t out of work for my shoulder, I would be on "Lay Off" from my employer..but,  it could be worse.. at least I am able to go walking with my dog and enjoy the nice days! Enough for now I guess

                                            Blessed Be and Be Well!




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