My supposedly best friend calls me this morning to brag that she got a job interview. Now the place that she is going to we both applied there. I never got a phone call to go in for an interview they sent me a thing in the mail that said they reviewed my application and would keep it on file. Which obviously means that they aren't going to hire me. The only reason for that is because the hours I need are in the morning but only until 2pm. Her hours she can work until 4pm and that is what they want. I think that this is unfair why can't they use me as a part time worker or something. So anyway she called and was like oh you should call Target cause they called and asked me to go in for an interview. Target is opening a new store in our town so yes they need a lot of people and are hiring for all different positions so what the hell why can't I get a damn job. I'm so sick of this shit it's not fair to me. Because I haven't had a job in 4 years or so no one wants to hire me or because the hours I need no one wants to hire me. Thats bullshit. Sorry about my language but I'm so upset right now it's not even funny. Crap like this is what makes me depressed. I was in a good mood when I got up but then she had to call about her interview with a job that I was really hoping to get. I give up I really do I just can't win and I don't want to go and work at Mc'Donalds or any fast food place. Not that there is anything wrong with that I just don't want to work at a place like that.I just don't know anymore I really don't. Things just keep going in the wrong direction for me and I have had enough of it. what do I have to do for something to go right. Well thanks to anyone that reads this.


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