Normally I’m not confrontational here on D Tribe, I try to be understanding and until now I’ve never come across anything here that has bothered me. But this is a word to the posers that are hiding under the preverbal rocks. It’s common knowledge now that some of us have been having run ins with some people that probably shouldn’t be here. People that seem to be here just to harass and bother those of us suffering with serious problems. I would like to explain something to these people. Depression in not the same as having a bad day. Manic depression is not the same as merely being blue, post partum psychosis, post traumatic stress, COD, saver anxiety disorders, bipolar, schizophrenia, and personality disorders ARE NOT the same. People with them suffer, they do not bring it on them selves, it is not a disorder only because they make it one. It is a disorder because it drastically effects most if not every aspect of their lives. To imply that those who suffer from these inflections only do so because they chose to is both insulting and infuriating. I am sure I can speak for all of us who truely do suffer from any one of those that if we could just turn it off and live a normal and happy life free of these things we would be doing so in a flash. The truth is we can not control these things and they are very real. To say it is not is like say a paraplegic is only in that wheelchair because he chooses not to walk. You might think you’re smart and you’re cool or something by saying such things but in reality all you have done is proven how uneducated you are on the subject and how foolish you really look. My suggestion is leave us alone. We weren’t bothering you so don’t bother us.


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