Hey everyone I realized that since my last real blog last March, none of you even know I'm in online schooling this year!! So I decided to make a blog about it! :p Basically, last year(7th grade) was actually pretty good BUT over half the grade made fun of me & I was considered 1 of the "wierd kids" 🙁 I got picked on so much that I had to go to Pine Rest mental hospital b/c I got very suicidal. Ever since 4th grade, each year mom gives us a chance to be online-schooled for 1 year. I passed each year but 7th grade was a mistake. 6th grade was amazing & I can't even begin to think of how many awesome memories I made so of course I skipped the chance & went to public school for 7th grade.

Anyways, over this summer, I gladly got set up for Connexus.com online schooling! I really love being home-schooled but there's a few big problems:

1. All my friends are telling me that I really should've chosen last year to be home-schooled b/c this year at public is actually epic & there's a ton of awesome field-trips I'm missing out on.

2. As you could probably expect, w/my OCD, having to do a certain amount of lessons a day is stressfull as HE-you know the rest!!! I've actually cried a few times this year b/c of all the stress! :'(

3. My mom. She is extremely worried about me failing b/c the first half of this year, my official grade was an E. This semester I've got a C so far & I'm working my butt off doing 7 hours a day so I'm doing a lot better but I'm very stressed.

4. This computer they sent us is a TRAP FOR PROCRASTINATORS!!! It's just like any other computer; you can go on YouTube, Facebook, anything! Except it's also the computer I have to work on. And I'm a procrastinator w/all those websites right on another screen. Of course I'm gonna get distracted & go on YouTube when I should be working!! Right now I'm procrastinating by checking this website!! XC

Well, this blog's getting very long so I'm gonna end it now. :/ So, what do you guys think?

  1. telknit23 7 years ago

    I think on-line school sounds like a good deal for someone like you.  As for the "should have done it last year instead" issue, that's life.  We do the best with the info we have at the time, and you made a very intelligent decision.  (There, don't I sound philosophical and accepting about all of this?  Actually, decision-making is one of my biggest OCD things).[br][br]  Distraction is such a big issue online.  Maybe you could try setting a timer–study for a while, then go spend 5 or 10 minutes on a fun site , then go back.  Short, not-too-frequent breaks is a good habit to learn while you're young.   Hopefully, the stress will get better as you adjust to this form of learning.  It's probably a lot different from the way you have learned in the past.  We tend to absorb a certain amount without having to work too hard when there's a teacher present, and also from the questions asked by other people.   Do you ever miss having other people around?  I used to enjoy classroom atmosphere, even when I wasn't socially happy.

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  2. Catoptromancy 7 years ago

    As an educator (once upon a time and a proponent of homeschooling), I would love to tell you that your situation is ideal.  The truth, however, is that you are in an unenviable position.  Let me see if I have the facts straight…you have OCD, you have Asperger’s Syndrome…I forget what else.  This makes a regular classroom at a regular public school absolutely the wrong place for you.  Here’s the thing though…you’re not being homeschooled by the sound of it.  You’re being online schooled…and that is very different and brings with it a whole different set of challenges.


    I have had students go to online school.  I’ve taken classes online myself.  Here’s the 411 on that.  Online classes always have more work than a regular classroom.  It’s awful and you need to be very committed to sit down daily to do the work for one class…let alone how many you have to take.


    I do not think that online classes are right for you.  I know those that disagree with homeschooling say it inhibits social development.  I think if done properly…it doesn’t.  Your case isn’t homeschooling, though.  I don’t see you having the best atmosphere for social development and I say this because of the Asperger’s Syndrome.  Asperger’s requires structure.  It requires boundaries to be taught in personal relationships.  Many people with it go on to very successful careers, but there needs to be some help and I’m not even sure you have any kind of individual plan of study.  So…that’s a problem with the online schooling, too.


    If you’re going to be homeschooled, I would recommend it be by a person–face to face.  This addresses the massive workload you’re carrying (because online schooling does not entirely let you learn at your own pace).  It also addresses the social element that you need because of your Asperger’s and OCD.  You have to learn how to interact with the world comfortably and safely.  I think it’s a wonderful thing that you have the opportunity to study at home, but I don’t think most young people have the capacity to understand what they are going to need to supplement their education.  If possible, a parent should be doing the teaching, but it sounds like all educational material comes from the online school.  At the very least a parent should be checking in on what’s going on in every subject and making certain you stay off other websites while you’re supposed to be working on school things (and they have programs that block access to other sites).


    It is difficult being a teen and wanting to go on field trips, but that is something that your parents can organize as a family or with other families that choose to online or home school their children.  It’s also excellent for social development.  You don’t say you are involved in any clubs or anything…so I’m wondering if there’s an outlet there. 


    Have you considered private school?  For those with the finances, there are plenty of great schools that will be able to work with you (and allow you to be in a school room or out).  Michigan also has some alternative schools meant to serve young people with various issues, but in recent years the programs have been flooded with students that have been kicked out of regular schools for behavior problems, sent there as part of parole, there are hardly any paraprofessionals, or they have teachers without any specialized teaching under their belts.  The best districts have destroyed any alternative programs they have and often rallied against becoming schools of choice.  Alternative education at a regular school is definitely not the place for you.  Private school often requires interviews and tests, but like I said…if you have the money…go for it.  Otherwise…I think your online schooling needs to be converted to authentic home schooling for you to make genuine progress and get a meaningful experience out of the process.  Best wishes at your studies whatever you decide to do about them.  Take care.



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  3. marnella 7 years ago

    My daughter has done online school for 2yrs now and loves it – she hasn't had much of a choice, as she too suffers germ ocd and cannot attend school, but she is all A's and I am so proud of her – she is finishing 7th grade early and the Zolft she takes is working very well…just wanted to share

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