So, there have been some improvements in my life. I have also been getting more done. Since I have been getting more income from various sources I decided to affirm that I always get income from multiple sources. Anyway I keep visualising that Im earning more money and actually that is what is happening to me. Thats all law of attraction stuff.

Regarding a relationship, apparently my intuition tells me that she is ready for me today to meet, whoever that may be. Like many things in life, success can come, but are we ready for it now or would we rather wait longer until we have more time to get used to the idea?

Like today I phoned up for an appointment for something and there was a cancellation, so I went straight away. Same thing with chatting up women I guess. I read a book some years ago about how to pick up women. It said if you see a girl in a bar, you should move in without delay. Well being somewhat of a shy person, most of the times I have approached women, I waited a while until I felt up to it. When I saw a re-run of Only Fools and Horses yesturday. Delboy had no problems with approaching the ladies.

Anyway, I have enough to keep me busy. Good news with my son was that on Friday he got his mum to bring him to see me so we spent just over 2 hours together and managed to catch up. Then I dropped him off home. Good we exchanged contact information so hopefully there will be more contact more regularly.

Im not sure how the depression thing will pan out. I do know that my life is a work in progress however. The more together it is and the more I spend time in enjoyable passtimes, the better.

  1. jim0340 8 years ago

    Yes it is never a finished work, it's something you work on your whole life.

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  2. lightangel 8 years ago

    Thankyou and yes the work on one's life is continuous. It makes it easier to know if I'm on track if i have set goals.

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