Tonight is the annual Holiday party at my work.

It is a huge deal, fancy and fabulous.

They pull out all the bells and whistles and everyone has a rip roaring time….then there’s me.

I am stressed, anxious, scared and sick to my stomach about this event, social anxiety it’s a doozy! UGH! I’m so scared!!! I tried to find an acceptable excuse that even I would believe but failed and to make things even more spicy, our brand new Boss whom we have yet to meet will be there, so on top of everything else lets sprinkle a lil “first impressions” moment in there!

I have not had energy or will to do ANYTHING to make myself look presentable for a few weeks now, but there I was last night, plucking the brows, polishing the nails and dying the hair….blahhhhhhhh. My brain was literally dead and exhausted by the time I was done, then I was able to snuggle in my cozy bed and be up ALL NIGHT worrying. For those of you that can legit fall asleep the second you hit the pillow…you are BLESSED!!

So ya, I will be wearing a dress I found in my closet that I wore to a funeral, throw on a “furry” jacket and call it a night. plus I of course don’t have a plus one so that’s fabulous, I mean if worse comes to worse I’ll just leave, but omg this is going to be rough!



  1. teee 2 years ago

    Well done for getting through it, hope it wasn’t too bad!

    I’ve missed so many events and gatherings… I didn’t go to any of my university freshers events or outings after uni, skipped the lunches and always left the lecture rooms keeping my eyes on the ground.

    I feel like we miss out on so much because of anxiety and even if we do end up going, you cant always truly enjoy yourself with all the stress and thoughts eating away at you.

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    • Author
      lunaluvr 2 years ago

      Thank you Teee!

      YES! That is exactly how it is for me too! It is awful!

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