ok maybe not that much pain, but its still painfull!!! a moler is coming through, well the other half of it is and it is sooo irritating and hurts, i cant eat hard stuff on that side, and untill I couldnt eat on that particular side, I feel myself wanting to chew on that side even more lol

Ok I have to get this out… back from when nanna and grandad came over, i cant really remember what made me say this, but I remember saying something like "we're all equal" and nanna muttered under her breath "no we're not!" and its really bothering me, like I instantly think/feel she thinks she better than Oprah (my god) herself, but that could just be me jumping to things. If there is one rule in life that I am 100% going to follow it is that and that is probably one thing I truely believe in and stand by… no rock star (except Oprah) is better than me and no bum on the street is any less than me. It probably scares me a little because I have not had any one in my life that does NOT think we are all eqaul, they either do or they dont really care, like I already (apart from this) see that in a way she thinks she is better than most and it scares the absolutes shit out of me that she is going to be the type to put others and me down, she sort of did as a kid and she tried when she came over and I dont want that, I dont want family to treat me or any one else like that. The family I have now, I would honestly consider perfect!!! We all some how follow the same basic morals, obviously grandma n pop rubbed it off onto mum and my uncle and then down to the kids, but its great, Nobody talks bad about each other, nobody talks down to any one, nobody treats any one like crap, nobody critisizes any one, nobody thinks they're any better to any one else, we ARE all treated eqaully and I hear so many stories of people with messed up families and honestly I dont want to be in those kind of families, but soon, I just may be. This has made me appreciate my family so so so so much, they may not be perfect but they're perfect for me and I dont want that to change, as a teenager it did bother me to think that at my wedding I'll have no father to walk me down the isle and only 14 family members on my side compared the the probabal 30, but now I couldnt care less,  Honestly I could ask for a better family and I dont want things to change and I dont want to let them change, but I might. For once in my life I dont know who to make happy, myself or 'family'……………


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