Well I'm off to the dentist in 40 minutes. I was fine this morning taking my daughter but have since then watched a show that had ended its series and that got me all sad and now I'm nervous to sit in the dental chair. I need to stop being a baby and jones-up to the task in hand. I used to not care about the dentist but now do care.

The last time I went to the dentist was back in late 09' and so hopefully I don't have much wrong with me, if any at all. I have a friend/girlfriend taking me so I feel a bit better but it's all up to me to take things into perspective and be relaxed. I've had too much issues with minor dental work but then again, I'm still here kicking ;o) Do any of you have issues with the dentist? Funny thing is, I cut out a piece of metal in my hand last night that would have grossed out most people but I felt it was better that I do it instead of going to the doc's office and having her do it. Either way, it's out and I feel better about it because it was stuck in my hand since 2000. I guess it was one of those things the military thought didn't need to be removed but I did. I hope my body feels better because that was a piece of metal stuck in my hand for years that was corroded and who knows what else was in it. It was the size of a small BB or maybe about half that size on top of my left hand by the index finger tendon near the knuckle. Well it's out so maybe I should think of my "possible" cavities as such.

On another note, I hope you all out there are doing well and are doing things that make you happy. There is no other group I can honestly say that I feel for the most then those with any type of anxieties/depression. I guess I think of it like those people that treat the Susan Coleman cancer stuff; we are survivors of an ongoing disease.

  1. irvineguy 10 years ago

    Hi leper,

    Thanks for the thoughts! I'm back now and “thankfully” made it through the first round as I didn't want to get all the work done in one shot. I will break them up into 3 rounds. I have three cavities that need attention and the one I got worked on today was on one tooth, top – right – back, needed to have a cavity plus old filling removed to do an “inlay,” which was crazy money. Basically, all said and done with insurance was over 1k… I think my pocket needs a filling because it has a hole in it now. There goes my money I was saving but oh well, that's what I get I guess for waiting too long (almost two years).

    So aside from my blabber above the dental visit was good. I had a friend go with me and she was a good “binky” to satisfy my apprehension about going to the dentist after such a long time. I've been before by myself and did okay with my old rude/mean doctor but she's gone and I have a very nice one. She said not to worry with getting all my teeth done because she was more concerned about me being comfortable. Very cool!

    I say this over and over again but the next time I'm going to make my biannually visits instead of waiting so long. I put off the dentist because my anxieties came back more so than I expected but figured I had to “man-up” and get checked out before I was too scared to go and eventually have to hobo it and pull something out with a pair of pliers.. not that my teeth are that bad but just a funny thought.

    Well hopefully you have made it for a checkup or at least can go soon. There're not cheap but I'm thankful and grateful that God allowed me to afford my treatment and hope the same is for you. Oh, and I am anxious right now but not like I would expect it but recoverable within a few hours so it\'s not that bad once you get over the hill and coast down a not-so smooth downslope but doable..


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  2. EveryRoseHasThorns 10 years ago

    I have a similar problem with dentists, I haven\'t been in over five years due to fear. Last time i went I was throwing up most of the way and when i finally walked through the door a fainted due to hyperventilation and was told to just go back home. This happens every time I try and until my teeth are causing me huge amounts of pain i don\'t plan on going. So a hugh well done to you for concurring that dentist chair. 🙂

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  3. irvineguy 10 years ago

    Thanks, allroseshavethorns!

    Hopefully you can find the strength to concur the dentist soon!

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