Okay so last night I had this dream (although at the time I didn’t realize I was dreaming) that I was at work and I was the only one there. Some guy came in for a meeting or whatever and I was talking to him and he asked me if he could talk to one of my co-workers and I said that he wasn’t around. Then the guy asked me if there was anyone he could talk to and I said no. As I was about to answer I was thinking of lying to him but didn’t. I thought (in my dream) not to be so paranoid and just say no. So I did. Then he stood to leave and I stood to see him out and lock the door so I could close up and as he got to the door he turned to grab me. I was screaming and hitting at him and he just kept coming towards me to kidnap me or worse. And I didn’t stop. No one was around to hear me and I started crying but not giving up. Then a light came on in an office across the way or something and the guy got startled and took off. I fell to the floor and couldn’t breathe. I was sucking in and I couldn’t exhale and then vice versa. I was having a full on, hard core panic attack and I was alone in this really dark office. Then a guy (who kind of reminded me of my bf but didn’t really look like him) came in. I assume this is who startled the guy away. He sat down next to me and was trying to talk but it was all jumbled and I couldn’t understand him. I couldn’t breathe and I thought I was going to pass out. I was too afraid to pass out though because I was afraid that the guy would come back or something. The guy who was sitting next to me got on his phone and called someone saying bring it to her!! Now!! Then it was over. I don’t know if I passed out in my dream or what happened. But then I woke up feeling slightly panicked but not as much as I’d of thought I would. Within the first few minuets of me waking up I thought for sure it was real. But I know it wasn’t. So yah…first time having a dream panic attack. L no fun!!

  1. NoGoodReason 14 years ago

    Jade, that is rough. The mind loves to express itself and get the demons out at night, this sounds like a bad one, but something you needed to get out (?). I am tempted to go into my extremely unimpressive "dream interpretation" zone but will spare you the analysis for once.  We are all here for you, hang in there. Ok, look, to distract you I will invent a heretofor never used emoticon. Here goes. (o)-|. Its an unemotional cyclops with a very narrow nose that the other cyclops-es might find attractive.

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  2. bigtruck9449 14 years ago

    Sorry to hear about the dream panic attack, sounds really scary! Hope u are having a great day!

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