Yesterday I didn't do anything worth writing about, except sleeping more in the afternoon and evening and finally showering.

Today though I woke up feeling much better. Still tired, but not so horribly irritable and miserable. Aaron really wanted to go to the beach today (although I didn't) but I gave in. We stopped at 3 stores on the way trying to find a cheap body board for Zachary ~ nothing.I guess we'll have to wait until nextweekend to pick one up. I found one for about$16, but we just didn't have enough. So we decided to forgo the boogie board and just go.

The whole way there I was thinkingof how much I DIDN'T want to do this, it was too hot, I was still getting over beingsick, I was tired, I was whiney. But I kept mymouth shut.

As wewalked across the sand dunesand upon the tophill, the water was beautiful. There were only about 20 people at this beach (which is the onewe've beenfrequenting lately) and we found a nice place to unpackand put up the umbrella our friends pretty much gave us since they only use it when we're with them, lol. Today itwas justAaron, Zachary and I and surprisingly I found that I really enjoyed it.

After we set up our spot I already had sweatdripping down my forehead, soI stripped down to my bathing suit and walkeddown to the water. It was crystal clear! It looked like a pool but prettier. And it was so cold and refreshing. And the sand under your feet wasn'tgrainy, it was like satin. You could walk out for what seemed like eternityand only be in up to your waist. No realwaves, just gentle swells toroll on. I think we found paradise today.

I NEVER get in the water for very long, I don't likewaves and I don't like sand. But this time Aaron and I spent almost all of our time there in the water playing with Zachary, being a family. I found that despite my disposition towards the thought of the beach today, I loved it. We never go by ourselves ~ maybe we should do it more often.

We drove home when the clouds started to pile up into thick dark greyclumps threatening rain. We had the windows open, the radio playing loudly and were just enjoying life. Everyone showered as soon as we got back, and then I did the laundry from the trip. Aaronstarted watching his Nascar race, Zachwas building withLegos, and I went into theden where it was nice and quiet and slept on the couch in there with my puppy dog.

I got up around 4 and ran down to my work to drop off my availability for the week (I probably won't getanything, not much tooffer this week), get one of my prescriptions andsome dry rub for the ribswe were going to make fordinner. When I got home I remember that I needed to take my final dose of Ritalin and did so. Butafter helping Aaron prep the ribs for baking and some other minor stuff I realized I was still tired.

Since I'm trying to recuperate from this head cold thing I went ahead and gave into it. I laid down on the couch and fell into a light sleep.Aaron was bugging me about potatoes for some reasonat one point, but I guessthe issue seemed to resolve itself because he left me alone.I got up at dinner time but didn't have much appetite, so I ate a little supper and watched America's Funniest Videos with myfamily.

Mom, Aaron and I came out on the porch andone of my turtles had crawled up in the yard to let meknow he was hungry and tocome down and feed him! He does this on a regular basis now, it's quite cute. And even the other turtles, the little mud turtles come swimming, paddling like a dog with their little heads craned up above the water as fast as they can go to come get dinner. It's too cute and funny to watch.

Since then the sun has gone down, and I can look back and saythat I had a pretty good day. The past 2 days I haven't been taking my afternoon or evening doses of Ritalin and my mood just dive-bombs and I get mean and nasty. But I couldn't get sleep while on it, so I didn't know what else to do. I'mjust glad that THAT'Sover with ~ I know better now not to mess with my dosage scheduling andskipping doses. That brings VERY bad news. Forgetting to take one is one thing, but purposefully not taking them? BIG mistake!

I hope you all had agreat weekend and that the week goes by quickly andsweetly. Talk to you again soon.

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 10 years ago

    Sound like you salvaged the week end. Good for you.


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