Well, I guess yesterday was a flop–that probably had a bit to do withg my growly nature in my last blog. I kept warning my fiance not to go in with high expectations of how they would go about interviewing him–because it's a sure-fire way of being thrown off your game. That's basically what happened to him. I'm not blaming him. He told me about some of the questions they asked him and I was mad in his defense for their horse-shit tactics. They basically asked him how to handle a situation he would NEVER put himself in to begin with. He tried to answer with, "I would never *do* that" but they kept insisting he go along with their farse.

That's like asking "Say you stole all the money out of our safe; how would you lie your way out of it?" There's no right answer. It's cheap and cruel, knowing how desperate GOOD people are to find adequate jobs these days. Employers KNOW they can get away with treating people like crap now, because applicants are a dime a dozen.

I missed the writing group I'd been planning to go to. I'm not going to sweat it. I told my fiance not to fret over it. Chances are, he wouldn't want to work for such dirty players in the first place. I told him to cherish what we have and not to mourn the things we don't have. Sounds easier than it is. Especially when it's repeatedly offered and snatched back again. I don't want it making him as bitter as it has made me.

I really hate this. Every time we miss another opportunity, he lays more pressure on me to get my work published–Like it's up to me to "save the farm" now. I wish he'd leave my writing out of it. It almost pushes me to hate my biggest love…two biggest loves. Except, I can live without one of them.


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