First of all, I just want you all to know that I have no problem with early or unplanned pregnancies. So if you or someone you know has had one of those pregnancies, I want you to know that I don't think badly about it. I don't know your or your friend's situation. So don't bash me because it seems like I'm being prejudice..

Now, my story..

I went to only 1 out of my 3 classes today. I took 4000mg of ibuprofens and 60mg of some cyclobenzaprine yesterday, so I literally felt like sh*t this morning.. But I started to feel better during class.

I was feeling so good that I told my sister that we should try to go out tonight.

All that was ruined.

I got my sister some pepto because shesaid her stomach was hurting. So I thought I'd try to help her out.

When I got back to the apartment, found her in the shower with that idiot.

Hmm.. Wonder why her stomach hurts..? She's probably pregnant!

I told her over and over again that if she kept being careless and acting like someone's personal prostitute, something like this would happen!

She's already had one pregnancy scare.. Wonder what this one will turn out to be.. A scare? Or the real thing?

She's still scared because she thinks she has an STD. She said that she wished she knew if she did or not.


How do you lose track of what you do or do not have?!

She hasn't done anything to find out what she has, for at least 5 months..

She knows she's had a UTI a couple of times, and one she had something that was linked to Gonorrhea..

Does she seriously think that if she keeps being careless like this, that she won't get anything, or end up pregnant?

And just so you all know, they've had sex without protection a lot. He told her that he wouldn't trust her unless she did it unprotected. And she did it. -____-

I've tried so hard to make sure nothing like this happens.. The only thing I can't do is make her stop.

So now,no one knows if she's pregnant, or if she has some type of disease..

For someone who wanted to be a lawyer, she's not going to get very far..

Which really sucks because she actually could have made it if she wouldn't have went down this road.

Now I have no intentions on going out with her tonight.

Now I'm back to the same piece of sh*t mood that I've been in for weeks..

This goes to show that I'm apparently not allowed to be happy.

Everytime I show some type of interest in life, it gets ruined..

Why do I even  bother..?


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