I have to stop caring

I have to stop sharing

yet it’s all I know

All I know is to break myself

I do anything to please

I’ll even hurt myself

If that’s what you please

I don’t want to be abandon

Please don’t leave me behind again

Help me understand

Tell me what to be and I’ll be it

Tell me what you want from me I’ll give it

Just say it I’ll do it

Please don’t leave me

I’m under your control we all know it

I’m just a dirty welcome mat

I’m just a broken child’s toy

An Unwanted Child

A messed up soul

A warm heart that is growing cold

A wilting flower

I am a dog left out in the cold

I am alone

Completely and utterly alone

No matter what I try

No matter how I cry

I turn up the same way

Broken and alone

Til the next person finds me

But I guess I’m just as selfish

I want things I can not have

I force myself to change so I will not be looked down on by the crowd

Instead I look up

Look for clues of who I once was

Sitting in the lost and found

I’m just a puppy in the pound being looked over and ignored

Again and again

I am not worthy of the things I have

I do not deserve the people I love

I was made to be alone

I need to stop caring

I need to stop sharing

It’s hurting me

I’m sorry for being selfish right now

I’m sorry for hanging around

Yet apparently I’m just another bitch faced teen with fucked up dreams

Yelling “Fuck the world!” and “Fuck the police!” “Life doesn’t matter it’s all a conspiracy”

I’m scared of the future the past and the present

No where to run from my fears because they in body them self in my peers

I’m not ok

No matter how I say I am

I am nothing but a waste of space

I’m tired of crying

I’m tired of lying

I’m tired of trying

I’m tired

But why am I the one tired?

After all I’m just some attention seeking teen


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  1. samarkand 3 years ago

    Wow. You sure are great at expressing yourself. That piece definately got my attention. Thanks for sharing.

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